Andrew Nathanson

Connecticut College '13
Social Media Strategist, Connecticut College

More About Me

I'm a three-dimensional thinker with a passion for marketing/branding/social media strategy, campaign development and 3D modeling.

I care about graphics, visual information design and advertising, but I make sure that messages and goals are on target and aimed just right.

More importantly, I photograph, design and print 3D models from Trimble SketchUp, I enjoy history, I raise funds, I plan events, I'm an architectural studies major and I'm an expert whistler.

I make terrible puns, too.

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Highlights on the one year anniversary of my college graduation

  • Scoring a temporary job for the summer
  • Unexpectedly finding a real, full job at CC
  • Living in Hamilton, then College House
  • A first apartment in New London, then a move to Mystic
  • Trips to Philly, New York, Providence, Boston, Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket
  • Presenting at the American Marketing Association Higher Ed Symposium in Boston
  • Buying a grill, learning to cook
  • Having 9 people stay in my apartment at once during Fall Weekend
  • Friends traveling from NY, CA and MA for my birthday/Floralia
  • Hosting a dinner for 12 around a gigantic table
  • Going from being an intern to having nine interns
  • The difficult and painful emotions that form, break, mend and grow friendships
  • Helping to get the new CC president on Instagram
  • Learning to run outside, running a 5K and running, one time, 6 miles
  • Getting a last gasp of college while also learning independence
  • Still getting to witness CC sunsets

As I remember things, I’ll expand this list, but it’s a start…

I’m heading to the RCDS Student/Faculty musical tonight. I haven’t missed one in 18 years.

2014     Guys and Dolls

2013     Working

2012     The Boys from Syracuse

2011     Bye Bye Birdie

2010     Urinetown

2009     Anything Goes (stage manager)

2008     The Pajama Game (stage manager)

2007     The Mystery of Edwin Drood (in cast)

2006     South Pacific

2005     Pirates of Penzance

2004     Pippin

2003     My Fair Lady

2002     Into The Woods

2001     Once Upon A Mattress

2000     Fiddler On The Roof

1999     The Boys from Syracuse

1998     Bye Bye Birdie

1997     Lil’ Abner

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